• Bayards

A pushchair friendly walk from Totnes to Bayards Kitchen

Enjoy the late summer sunshine and take a stroll along the Bidwell Brook from Totnes to Dartinton. It’s about two and a half miles long, and the going is easy.

Start at Totnes railway station where you’ll find a footpath to Dartington. Follow the path to the banks of the River Dart and turn left.

The river will be on your right and you’ll walk around a large weir. Continue walking beside the river until you reach a lane. Turn right along the lane, cross the Bidwell Brook and the go lef handed along an easy to follow path through the woodland, You’ll be walking parallel to the brook and eventually you’ll come to an old watermill. Keep going along the path and you’ll reach the Shops at Dartington. Come and find us for a well deserved drink and a huge slice of cake!

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